Beware the boys and girls of Charlton

A quick drive through the western suburbs recently leads me to surmise that the knicker-clad lads of Charlton are in the habit of kicking soccer balls into the street . . .

. . . and that the befrocked Charlton lassies are just clumsy (like those in Auburn), and likely to hurtle into the roadway as I pass.

In my travels through Charlton, though, I have seen many squirrels and an occasional deer in the road, but no children.  Perhaps they’ve got the clumsy & clueless quarantined in some other part of town.

4 thoughts on “Beware the boys and girls of Charlton

  1. Bill Randell says:

    Great job on the wormtown fleet

  2. Mike says:

    I want to see the Charlton version of PRIVATE STREET DANGEROUS. I can only imagine.

  3. Noah Bombard says:

    I’ve always found that “Slow Children” sign a bit disturbing. It conjurs images of children leaping carefree into the roadway in some sort of gleeful suicidal gesture. Not to mention the dress is a bit … well … 1950s?

  4. Sprout says:

    I think Dick and Jane must have modeled for these signs.

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