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I didn’t have one before, and now I do.  Borrowed from another site, there are three basic rules for commenting here:
1.  Be polite. 
2. Be relevant.
 Don’t suck.

If you have difficulty with those rules, it’s pretty easy to set up your own blog and write to your heart’s content.

One thought on “Comment Policy

  1. mathew krock says:

    Hi Nicola,

    Nice to Meet you Thank you for your work on my Family).
    If you would like to contact me and chat in general it would be nice
    My name is Mathew Krock ), Yes I am the oldest grandson of Edward Krock. I was not sure what you knew but when Edward disappeared in to the sun on his yacht called the speculator ( 120 foot boat to the Bahamas, with my father Richard Edwards only son, his bloodline
    lives on ). My father Richard married my mother Elinor and had 4 yes for
    boys Mathew, Max, Adam and yes We Have another Edward in honour
    of Edward senior. I am 32 now lived in 6 countries yes the Bahamas
    is one. My father continued is his father foot step achieving a duplication Edwards success in many the same and different ways. He is retired and doing okay. Actually funny enough he is on holiday with my mom and Edward in the Bahamas , he is probably have I Cuban cigar now ).
    he loves them. I live in London England and am current working on my career I am director of a public company ) hay go figure I have not duplicated there wealth yet but am working on it. Unfortunately there are no longer any good assets to buy. So I am looking at other options like the stock market which both my father and Edward made a fortune in.
    lets see what happens…..

    oh PS my email if you want to chat is )

    best regards

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