Reminder: Blogger Coffee on October 17

A friendly reminder that we’ll be having another blogger coffee on Sunday afternoon.

Here are the details:
time: Sunday, October 17 at 3:30pm (but feel free to show up earlier or later; I’ll likely be there a bit early)
location: Nu Cafe, 335 Chandler Street

Here’s what local legend Jeff Barnard said about the last blogger coffee: “What’s nice is it’s open ended and we don’t have a time limit to stop talking, because there are a lot of things that everybody has on their mind and wants to say.  You don’t have to be a blogger, you don’t have to be a reader, just be a local legend in your own right.”

To reiterate:

You do not need to be a blogger to attend. 

You do not need to be a regular commenter (or even reader) to attend. 

You are more than welcome to come for as long or as short a time as makes you comfortable.  You can come late or early.  (I’ve been told that Nu Cafe will be having poetry starting at 6pm, but I’m not sure about the schedule.)

Feel free to let me know if you’re going to attend or just show up if the mood strikes you that day.  (And if this time doesn’t work for you, we’ll try to have regular meetups and we’ll keep you posted.)

More Scale Madness

Yes, I actually step on that on occasion

This handsome scale could be yours!  Be the winning bidder and we’ll throw in a highly collectible “Dixie Belle Gin” bottle from our “North 40” collection, the contents of which were imbibed by a genuine Worcester resident circa 1960.

(Our house was in the family of Hazel, the previous owner, for quite some time.  She and Albee married and quickly had four children, which necessitated an addition to be built.  It’s unclear whether various design quirks on that addition were due to the numerous “Dixie Belle” bottles we’ve found on our land, or whether Albee’s ambitions were greater than his building skills.)

Timeo Yankaos et dona ferentes

My husband returned from a trip to his favorite European island on Tuesday night.

He was unpacking his backpack (his one piece of luggage) after we put the kids to bed, and was showing me various things he bought (a CD of Irish harp music played by Keiko Kikuchi, the most prominent Celtic harpist in Japan; tons of books; etc.) and then he wanted to show me the present he got for me.

A bathroom scale!

But it tells you your weight in pounds, stone, OR kilograms!

And it was only 10 euro!

He then proceeded to use the scale to show me how much weight he’d lost on his trip.  And who says romance is dead?

(On a more serious note, we desperately needed a bathroom scale because the one we currently own was inherited from the previous owners of our home, Hazel and Albee, and the scale’s at least thirty years old — judging by the prodigious amount of rust contained on its outer edges, it just might be older than that — and you need to subtract five pounds from whatever the results are to derive what your actual weight might be.  So, it was thoughtful.  In an extremely practical way.)

Update, 1pm: My husband has informed me of the following:  What we own is a “Mayfair” bathroom scale, model SK 394 by the Brearley Company, circa 1960.  Approximate value from antiques dealer (if in good shape) is $30.  Any takers?