CWW: Big Lots is Coming

I noticed a Big Lots sign on the Greendale Mall a couple of weeks ago (sorry, no picture) and thought I was hallucinating, but then Dee confirmed that, yes, Big Lots is coming to the Greendale Mall in early November.

I love Big Lots.  It’s my primary source for Tom’s of Maine Cinnamint toothpaste, blue nail polish on deep discount, Dinosaur Soap (which we now have enough of a supply to last until we grow out of dinosaurs and into Legos), the random DeCecco product, and whatever else looks good. 

I believe my husband likes Big Lots because he has this conspiracy theory about how the dental establishment is forcing out firm-bristled toothbrushes, and his hobby is scouring odd lots stores for the firmest bristled toothbrushes he can find. 

Big Lots is also to blame for our owning nearly every character, major and minor, from Bob the Builder, in tiny die-cast detail.  Seriously, how many excavators can one stop-motion character (and, I suppose, his on-again-off-again-girlfriend/sexual harrassment lawsuit waiting to happen) possess before someone arranges for an intervention?

If you join the Big Lots Buzz Club, you can occasionally get a 20% off coupon.

Once it opens, I hope to do a post comparing this one to the one in Fitchburg (because the selection and vibe of a BL tends to be different from one store to the next).

Beware the boys and girls of Charlton

A quick drive through the western suburbs recently leads me to surmise that the knicker-clad lads of Charlton are in the habit of kicking soccer balls into the street . . .

. . . and that the befrocked Charlton lassies are just clumsy (like those in Auburn), and likely to hurtle into the roadway as I pass.

In my travels through Charlton, though, I have seen many squirrels and an occasional deer in the road, but no children.  Perhaps they’ve got the clumsy & clueless quarantined in some other part of town.