Political Mailers – as of October 31

What follows are all the political mailers I have received as of Halloween.  Between my husband and I, we’ve sometimes received duplicates, and my parents were kind enough to lend me a few that I hadn’t gotten…

Tracy O’Connell Novick:

Cara Lisa Berg-Powers:

Etel Haxhiaj:

Khrystian King:

John Trobaugh:


Moe Bergman is definitely going for “most creative”:

Donna Colorio and the PACs that support her have definitely gotten the most media coverage with the ‘Worchester’ misspelling (first mailer you’ll see below).  There’s definitely lots of the same elements going on in other mailers.  The real question, of course, is — who is the cute guy who looks like a young Robert Foxworth from Falcon Crest?!?

Laura Clancey:

Jermoh Kamara:

Tony Economou; the first one is from the preliminary election:

Joe Petty: