FYI Worcester Public Library Lovers

Best beloveds,

I can’t make any comment on this because I serve on the board of the Friends of Worcester Public Library, but I thought you’d like to know that the designer selection for the first floor redesign of the main branch will be on Friday at 2pm.

You might not have realized it had anything to do with the library because, well, it doesn’t say “library” anywhere on there.

But don’t worry, kids, because no one from the library — not a board member or a staff member, certainly not the head librarian — gets a say in the hiring of the designer.

(The funding will be from PILOT.  The decisions on designer will be made by the city.)

Does that motivate you to apply for a seat on the WPL board?  It should.  Contact the city clerk if you’re interested in applying and advocating for patrons and staff.