Tuesday’s primary welcomes “designations”

For the few of you who didn’t already know, Massachusetts will hold its presidential primaries this coming Tuesday.  This is an event that used to only be open to those registered in a state-recognized party, or to those who are “unenrolled” voters.  Voters in the latter group could show up and request a ballot from any of the recognized parties, cast a vote in that primary, and then go back to being unenrolled as they checked out at the end of the process.

Besides four recognized parties (Republican, Democrat, Green-Rainbow and United Independent Party), there are also 24 political “designations” under which a voter could be registered.  Previously, voters registered under a designation could not vote in party primaries.  This year, due to a change in law, they can.

Here’s a message from the Elections Division of Secretary Galvin’s office on this subject:

Due to a recent change in law, voters registered with political designations may now register to vote in political parties.  If you are registered with a political designation, you may vote in the same way an unenrolled voter would – by choosing a ballot when you check-in at your polling place.

This admittedly only affects a small minority of voters, but if you’re registered with a designation and have previously been excluded from primaries, you’re now included.  Have at them!