When “I told you so” comes too soon

I find that at the beginning of most of my beautiful friendships, threats don’t really come up.

Not so with the City of Worcester.

As reported in the T&G and the WBJ, the Worcester Redevelopment Authority is now asking to expand its 2016 Urban Renewal Plan to include the west side of Green Street (and all side streets therein), the Burger King at Kelley Square, Table Talk Pie Bakery & Corporate Offices, and the Corner Lunch Diner.  They are proposing to demolish 18 additional buildings.

Perhaps if the city had conducted public meetings about the proposed stadium more as fact-finding sessions and less as rallies for bread and circus, we could have found out a bit more about the grasping that would come from this agreement.

As it stands, the WRA (and, by extension, our new “friends”) are threatening that the stadium will not be completed on time and that the city will be on the hook for damages for the project not completing on time.

I haven’t read the full report, but I encourage you to.  As far as I can tell they want the eminent domain abilities for (1) a new parking garage, (2) to expand streets, (3) to build residential that will have as much success as 145 Front Street, and (4) why the heck not.

One might wonder why a neighborhood that seems to be doing a pretty good job of revitalizing itself needs any outside help.  One MIGHT EVEN wonder if the proposed changes would do away with much of the charm that attracts people to that neighborhood.

Since nothing says Worcester like getting rid of diners and other taxpaying businesses in order to line the pockets of rich out-of-towners, I suggest you come on down to the City Council tonight at 7pm and ask when they will start representing you and stop representing Lucchino, et al.