Who Was Jennie Bond?

Danged if I know. Or if the city knows.

Why doesn’t the Telegram put Al Southwick on the case?

By using my rudimentary Google skills and library web resources, I found the following potential ladies:

  1. Jennie Louisa Bond Smith (?), born about 1866; according to the 1880 census, she lived on Summer Street.
  2. Jennie B. Bond, wife of Edgar, born about 1849. They may have lived on Ripley Street at some point; in between the 1910 and 1920 censuses, she may have passed away.
  3. Jennie R. Bond, wife of George C.; born about 1872.
  4. There’s also a Jennie Bond McIver who graduated from English High School and then got a BS from Wellesley in 1890.
  5. There was a Jennie Bond who was born Jan 21, 1886 and died Oct 1975, and resided in Lynn.

I’m hoping someone with mad research skills can find out who this lady was and why she gave the city so much money.  (I’d also love it if the city could find out for themselves.  This deserves more than a thank-you note.)

(This post inspired by this Dianne Williamson column.)