Unexpected Murals and Masterpieces

I already tweeted this, but for the Twitter-averse, I wanted you to be aware of some new blogs I added to the blogroll.

A gentleman named Paul created a wonderful blog called Gargoyles & Grotesques, which I’ve adored for some time, and he has another blog specifically devoted to street art — Unexpected Murals & Masterpieces.

I love the back of the Do Not Enter sign on Winfield Street, and I especially am grateful that he grabbed a picture of the beatnik on Irving Street, which I’d been unable to get a good picture of before it was taken down.

Keep up the good work!

Best of Worcester – Thank You!

I am once again really touched that readers have voted this blog the best local blog in Worcester Mag’s Best of Worcester 2013.

Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

While so much of this blog is about my personal quirks — an obsession with street signage, a compulsive inclination towards extreme thrift, and intermittent forays into activism — it’s just as much a dialogue between me and you.

Winning this award is bittersweet.  If our friend Jeff Barnard were here with us, he would certainly be blogging circles around me.  I miss his insight and his friendship, and the best blog Worcester ever had.

Best of Worcester – Thank You!

I usually check on the WoMag Best of Worcester list to ensure that my cousins’ business wins the Best Grinders category, and that various friends win in the categories they should.

So I am, of course, really touched that readers thought well enough of this blog to vote it as the best local blog in 2012.

I started writing this blog because I liked what I saw going on in the Worcester blogosphere and wanted to add my voice to that mix.

I’d like to thank those of you who’ve read and commented here, and everyone who blogs, tweets, or tumblrs about our city.

Here’s to another year of street signage bloopers, library news, and an inappropriate obsession with Mike Germain.

Movies on the Common and WoMag on Tap Tonight!

There are going to be two events where bloggers can get together tonight. (Obviously, I wouldn’t have scheduled it this way, but the rain made its choices for me.)

I think I’ll be at WoMag on Tap ’til about 6:30, and then head over to the Common. Hope to see some of you tonight.

1. Worcester Film Works’ presentation of Spaceballs. There will be music starting at 6pm. You will be able to find the bloggers (or, at least, me) near the oval WWII memorial in the middle of the Common.

2. WoMag on Tap at Funky Murphy’s, beginning at 5:30pm. RSVP here.

Upcoming Worcester Blogger Meetups

I’m working on details for a blogger coffee in late September, but in the meantime, if you’re a blogger or reader, feel free to come to one or both of the following events:

1. Worcester Film Works’ presentation of Spaceballs. There will be music starting at 6pm this Thursday, August 25. You will be able to find the bloggers (or, at least, me) near the oval WWII memorial in the middle of the Common.  (Also, if you’re interested in helping folks register to vote at this event, please let David <at> IECWorcester <dot> org know.)

2. WoMag on Tap at Funky Murphy’s, NEXT Thursday, September 1, beginning at 5:30pm. RSVP here.

Hope to see you at one or both events!

Worcester Bloggers at Tornadoes/Movies on the Common

There are two upcoming two events for bloggers and readers to get together:

1) A night at the Tornadoes. This is something we’d been discussing, and the date that worked for the most people is Tuesday, July 26. I had been discussing arrangements with the Tornadoes, but it might be simpler if everyone who is interested buys general admission/grandstand seats and we’ll plan to meet in a certain section. Let me know if you’d like to join us and I’ll keep you in the loop.

2) Worcester Film Works will be showing Back to the Future on Thursday night, July 28.  There are some bloggers who will be attending, so if folks like, we can also plan on a meetup there as well.