Mallard Quackery

Quasi-Kudos to the DPW for replacing the ’60s-era street sign at Mallard Road.  Frequent readers may recall, back in February I mentioned that the DPW, while fixing a nearby hydrant,  might want to consider replacing this sign:

Thanks to a mysteriously bountiful sign replacement budget, they’ve now put up a new sign:

To the best of my knowledge, this is the first-ever yellow sign replaced under the current “Hearts & Serifs” Blitzkrieg of the past dozen years.  As far as I can tell, every other sign replaced has been of much later vintage, and the priority seems to be to replace the most legible ones first.

Why the “quasi-kudos”?  Besides any distaste I may have for serifs on street signs, notice the different shading on the backer beneath “Rd”.  They seem to have repaired this sign with material that doesn’t match the original.  Perhaps this first left the shop as “Mallard Blvd” or “Mallard Ct” and had to be corrected by the poor installers.

Of greater concern is the angle at which the sign is mounted.  It’s nearly illegible from any great distance — here it is as it appears from Upland Street westbound:

And eastbound isn’t much better:

And perhaps I’m nit-picking, but how hard would it have been to reuse the “Not A Thru Street” that was affixed to the original, since we don’t seem to have left the sign shop supplied with a new one?

So while I’m reservedly grateful on behalf of the Mallard Rd. folks that they’ve finally got a new sign after 50 years, I think we could have done a whole lot better by them.

And we still haven’t fixed the little trench left after the hydrant repair:
You can’t tell from the photo, but despite the cold patch, the middle of that rectangle is several inches below the level of the street.  Enough to knock your dentures out if you hit it while going 25 miles per hour in your Buick.

2 thoughts on “Mallard Quackery

  1. Mike says:

    Belated thanks for your work on this. Mallard Rd. was always one of my favorite streets. A great shortcut, and loved its little side streets!

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