Give and Take in the news

I’ve been a bit remiss in noting publicity for the Give and Take bookcase at Union Station.

Worcester Mag mentioned us in the WooTown Index a couple weeks back.  (Unfortunately, no link that I know of!)

The Give and Take was featured on the front of the local section of Monday’s Telegram.  In the course of the interview, I met a frequent patron of the bookcase (and the library) and she let me know that children have been especially appreciative of the presence of books.  I feel like the Book Fairy.

The Give and Take was also mentioned quite favorably in a T&G editorial today.

The Friends are actively looking into expanding to other locations.  Keep your suggestions and donations coming!  (And thank you for your support!)

What Am I Missing?

From WPD on the Record:

There have been numerous break-ins in the Northeast sector of the city along with the area around Chandler Street and Mill Street.

If you look at the area around Chandler Street and Mill Street for the past fourteen days on, you see:

If you look a little further down in the map, you see:

The “B”s are Breaking and Entering incidents.

Now, I don’t mean to nitpick, but the area affected seems to be less Mill and Chandler Streets and more June and Chandler Streets.

The WPD definitely gets a solid B for effort in their endeavors on Facebook, but they need to remember that some people may rely on their communications — whether they are on Facebook or on CrimeReports.

In this case, either CrimeReports is not showing all the B&Es (and the press release is accurate) or the press release isn’t accurate.

If the B&Es are significant enough to be noted, they should be significant enough to be reported accurately.