Habemus Bookmobilem

I’ve written about bookmobiles before, so I’m quite pleased that Worcester will once again be seeing bookmobile service.

(And — even more weirdly — that we’re getting it in pretty much the way I’d wanted it: paid for by Holy Cross, but outside of a PILOT agreement.  Reading that post over, I was also advocating for the library to start giving books away in locations throughout the city, but since I’m the one participating in that effort, we can’t attribute that to my psychic abilities.)

The bookmobile will have some electronic aspects (high speed internet among them).  You can find more about other high-tech bookmobiles here and here.

The bookmobile will not be ready in time for this year’s National Bookmobile Day, but we can expect it soon thereafter.

And — as Tracy notes — there will be a bookmobile naming contest for sixth graders.

(For those of you who have been missing my more extensive coverage of library board meetings, I haven’t been able to make the meetings because of a conflict with the cemetery board; if anyone else is willing to go, I can post your notes online.)