Job Openings at the Worcester Public Library

It appears as though the head librarian’s position is open (!!!!!!), and — as was previously reported in various news outlets — the WPL Foundation is looking for a new executive director as well.

Due to myriad obligations, I have not been able to attend regular meetings of the WPL Board, but I may have to again.

I serve on the board of the Friends, but the following opinion is mine and mine alone:

I’ve said it before, and I hope I will never have to say it again: it would be great to have a head librarian who lasts more than a year and a half!

Worcester Public Library needs stability in leadership, and we will now be going through our third head librarian search in less than a decade.

This is something the City Council needs to consider when selecting new board members in a few weeks’ time.

More to come…

5 thoughts on “Job Openings at the Worcester Public Library

  1. Jim Kersten says:

    We, as library lovers, owe Wei a huge thank you. Although the change is not ideal, she took this job by saying that it may only be for a year. She is not cutting and running or going to another job. During this year she formulated Libby, originated and spearheaded the effort to open 4 branch libraries, and took on tough internal issues that previous head librarians decided to ignore because it was easier. I know Wei loves the library but family obligations are also important and I wish her the best in her retirement. She is leaving the library a much better place than she inherited. To everyone out there please join me in thanking her for her service to our Library and City.

  2. savvybear1981 says:

    Reblogged this on Straight From The Savvybear.

  3. Kevin Ksen says:

    Reason # 5 that we need to rework your schedule so we can get you to the WPL Board meetings.

  4. Tracy says:

    It would also be great to have members of the library board who want to be members of the library board, not who want to get a line on a resume. That happens too often.

  5. Jim Kersten says:

    Tracy – You know I respect you but your comment is not only inaccurate but insulting to the many members of our community who volunteer to serve on the Library Board. In the past two years we have gained a mobile library, updated our first floor, installed a state of the art return system, oh and not to mention opened 2 – with 2 more coming – branch libraries (in Worcester Public Schools no less) and adding a van to service the other 30 elementary schools.

    I’m proud to put my service on my resume. And please look at your paid board about dedication and involvement before pointing your finger at an engaged volunteer board.

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