Crisis in City Government

Over the coming weeks, I expect we’ll hear a lot about how we should move to a strong mayor form of city government now that Mike O’Brien is abandoning us.

If you came to this blog to find out the pros and cons of a strong mayor form of government, you’ve come to the wrong place.

If you wanted me to complain about the wordy signoff the City Manager wrote, look elsewhere.  I sat through the same Ray Mariano graduation speech twice a year through each year of high school.  I am a connoisseur of wordy valedictions.

What I do want to talk about is the crisis we’re going to be facing in the coming months.

It’s a crisis of good hair.

Our city government doesn’t have many hallmarks.

Sure, we use “EPA” like it’s a swear word.  “Perception is reality” is our “John 3:16.”  And park land = buildable parcels.

But if we don’t have our good hair, we don’t have anything.

And with the loss of Bob Moylan and Mike O’Brien, we’re only left with Tim McGourthy as a bastion of perfect hair in the upper echelons of city government.

So I urge citizens to put aside the light questions of strong mayor vs. weak mayor, or whether Tim Murray will become the next city manager and/or lead a strong mayor campaign.

For once, think of the children.

If we don’t have leaders with a beautiful head of hair, preferably in a perfect Just For Men Touch of Gray color, then what are we telling our kids?

That what’s in one’s head is more important than what’s on it?

I think not!