Answers to our prayers

While the rest of us are scratching our head about what question was being answered on the vinyl-shrouded rust wall alongside the YWCA, here are some specific answers for a few local notables.

For Mike O’Brien:

The resounding answer from the rest of us:

For Frannie McGrath:

For the well-funded (but secret) hearts & serifs cabal:

For the DPW sign shop:

For the handful of Worcester PBS viewers:

For those who wish Worcester was cool:

For those of us who wish we could turn back the clock to a time when the bridge had a better paint job:

(Thanks to Brendan for the original picture!)


6 thoughts on “Answers to our prayers

  1. Sprout says:

    So hockey rinks are a done deal.

  2. I think the answer *is* Wormtown.

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