CWW: Free WAM admission in July and August

The Worcester Art Museum will be free in July and August, courtesy of Barry Morgan.

From the Globe article:

In the next decade, Waschek hopes to increase attendance to 200,000 a year. He also wants to consider making the museum free permanently, though he is not sure if that is possible. The museum receives no public money to offset lost ticket revenue.

I hope someone with a better knowledge of history can confirm or deny this, but I believe when the WAM previously had those kinds of attendance numbers, there was no admission fee.  (I know there was no admission fee in the 1960s; does anyone know when that changed?)


3 thoughts on “CWW: Free WAM admission in July and August

  1. Sprout says:

    Evidently we don’t need a press conference. Thanks Nicole!

  2. Angela says:

    The Philadelphia Art Museum offers a ”Pay What You Wish All Day” on the first Sunday of each month. I happened to be there on such a Sunday and the place was packed. It seemed that most patrons were paying in the $5-$7 range, and that was fairly late in the afternoon, with only 2 hours of viewing time until closing. We paid $5 each and had we had 4 or more hours to view, we likely would have paid more. There was a perceived benefit and we were willing to pay. Great marketing plan!
    Btw, thanks for the info!

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