Is it too early for a Mike Germain quote of the year?

While last year’s quote of the year was definitely great, last night brought the first MG-quote-of-2011 nomination:

 “Conspiracy number 3: Germain was the guy on the grassy knoll.” (1:05:35ish mark)

At that point, I think MG was talking about all sort of conspiracies [from talk radio, the ‘net, etc.] about how he hated the police and/or had a hit out on the city manager. 

If you don’t think that quote makes any sense, even in that context, I think it helps to view Mike Germain, City Councilor less as a representative of Worcester citizens and more as a performance artist.  Try that the next time you watch a Council meeting.  He’ll make more sense that way.

Also, I cannot have been the only one to hear his reference to “The Raphael in Kansas City” and think, “MG, if I’d known your interest in TMNT and/or Renaissance art, we could have had a Framed-watching party last week!”  And then google “raphael kansas city” because you wanted to know which Raphael was owned by a KC museum, and then figure out that he’s talking about a hotel.

6 thoughts on “Is it too early for a Mike Germain quote of the year?

  1. zed says:

    I liked the tax vote quote:
    “I’m always the guy who comes in sixth place. This is political suicide for me. Which means next year I’m coming in seventh”

  2. Tracy says:

    He’s definitely got a good run on quotes.

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  4. zed says:

    Anybody know the status of Telegram City Hall reporter Nick Kotsopoulos? The Telegram took down the link to City Hall Notebook also.

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