High tech communications from a secret Worcester bunker

Found in an undisclosed corner of the dirty Woo . . . ladies & gentlemen, behold the AT&T “Public Phone 2000”:

It does not take coins, but has a slot to accept credit cards and/or calling cards.  Here’s a description of this beauty from its heyday:

“The latest advance in pay phone technology is the AT&T Public Phone 2000. Introduced in the fall of 1991, the Public Phone 2000 has a built-in keyboard, a data port and a nine-inch color monitor.  . . . Public Phone 2000 users can access electronic mail and online databases, connect a portable fax machine or computer, obtain language translation services, speed-dial travel assistance services and even get weather forecasts.”

Here’s what it looks like inside:

There’s a nice shelf below the Public Phone 2000 to hold an antique tome known as a telephone directory.

Haul your fax machine over there & plug it in — get some documents flying back & forth to the home office while you check your Compuserve e-mail or dial into your local BBS.

(The first person to correctly identify where this phone is located gets a prize.)