Is it too early for a Mike Germain quote of the year?

While last year’s quote of the year was definitely great, last night brought the first MG-quote-of-2011 nomination:

 “Conspiracy number 3: Germain was the guy on the grassy knoll.” (1:05:35ish mark)

At that point, I think MG was talking about all sort of conspiracies [from talk radio, the ‘net, etc.] about how he hated the police and/or had a hit out on the city manager. 

If you don’t think that quote makes any sense, even in that context, I think it helps to view Mike Germain, City Councilor less as a representative of Worcester citizens and more as a performance artist.  Try that the next time you watch a Council meeting.  He’ll make more sense that way.

Also, I cannot have been the only one to hear his reference to “The Raphael in Kansas City” and think, “MG, if I’d known your interest in TMNT and/or Renaissance art, we could have had a Framed-watching party last week!”  And then google “raphael kansas city” because you wanted to know which Raphael was owned by a KC museum, and then figure out that he’s talking about a hotel.

WPL Lego Club

The Friends of the Worcester Public Library will be sponsoring a Lego Club.  The club will meet every other Saturday from 9:30 – 11:00 am in the Children’s Program Room beginning January 22.  (So, the dates for the winter will be January 22, February 5 & 19 and March 5 & 19.)

This is for ages 4 through 12 with parent.

You do not have to bring Legos, but they are looking for donations of Legos from those who aren’t using theirs any longer.

See this brochure for more information.