Not in Wormtown . . .

I asked my husband to keep his camera handy yesterday in case there was anything worthy of inclusion in the image collection of the Wormtown Fleet.  He brings me this:

Benny Hill's favorite stance.

It calls to mind one of those Benny Hill skits where a letter or two drops off an otherwise innocent sign and turns it somewhat naughty.  Now I have Yakety Sax stuck in my head.

In case you’re wondering, this wasn’t taken in Worcester, it’s in Cambridge.

2 thoughts on “Not in Wormtown . . .

  1. Yep, Benny Hill would love that. So would Beavis and Butthead 😉
    (Is it wrong that I’m giggling like Beavis right now?)

  2. Lee says:

    Count me as a second giggle!

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