Jeff is back. And he’s angry.

It’s like the Worcester District Court knew he was back from the hospital.

Jeff, I’m sorry, but you’ve got it all wrong on the tennis court thing.

You need to approach this as a MONEY-MAKING opportunity for the city.

Got a sister-in-law you can’t stand?  A neighbor who doesn’t mow his lawn the way you like?  Ex-boyfriend who won’t return your CDs?  Want to give the gift that keeps on giving to your mother-in-law?

Now presenting…official Fuck Yous from the City of Worcester. 

For $100, you can get an autographed, personalized picture of Konnie Lukes in which “she looks … like she smelled something bad.”

For $200, you can buy the person of your choice a dinner on Shrewsbury Street with Phil Palmieri and a lady who may or may not be his girlfriend (who may or may not be living with his mother in a supposed Italian fashion).  During dessert, Phil and the lady will leave and your gift recipient will have to pay for the meal himself!

For $500, you can purchase a five-minute conversation with Councilor Clancy, refereed by the City Clerk, at the end of which everything the other person says will not matter because of some minor point of Robert’s Rules.

I think the possibilities are endless.

(Welcome back, Jeff.  We missed you.)