Town-Gown, November 27 edition

Not one but two Holy Cross stories in the Telegram today.

First, plans to raze the empty buildings they own on Caro Street. Because vacant buildings encourage people to party, but empty lots drive them away.  Hint to college: put up a fence.  Also, ban bolt cutters on campus.

At my alma mater, about five years before I attended, there were things called free speech zones.  So, you could make racist remarks in your dorm room, but not in a class or the cafeteria.

In the same vein, maybe Holy Cross needs to create designated party zones.  So – grassy knoll formerly known as Howard Johnson’s would be the designated party zone.  Minimal neighbors to complain, grass is softer on the feet (and head) than the asphalt of Caro Street.  Sounds like a win-win to me.

The second story sounds like Bronislaus Kush was already talking to Barbara Haller about the building demoltion and figured he could get another story in about someone yelling at her.  Normally, I can’t imagine that someone yelling at Barbara Haller is newsworthy, but when it’s a member of the HC administration, I guess it is.

The saddest part of that is that Mr. Vellaccio (‘Mr.’ because the T&G style sheet will not call you ‘Dr.’ if you have a PhD., unless you are Craig Mello) had a lot of good points.  This is not just the college’s problem to solve.

Bottom line: don’t yell at Barbara Haller in the lead-up to a slow news week.

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