Library Tip: Newspaper Archives

You can access the archives of 12 Massachusetts newspapers (including the T&G, Boston Herald, and Boston Globe) if you have a Worcester Public Library card.

The Massachusetts Newsstand can be accessed by selecting the Resources > Online Databases option from the top menu of the Worcester Public Library website.  Then click on Newspapers and select the Massachusetts Newsstand.  All you need to log in is your library card number — you don’t need an additional PIN.

I like to expand the More Search Options tab when I use the basic search — you can limit your results to one publication (like Telegram & Gazette).  I also usually look for terms in the Citation and document text, which isn’t the default option, but that’s the one that will search the whole article text.  You can do date ranges as well.

The Telegram archives are available on this website from 1989 to the present.  They don’t include photos, but I’ve found this to be one of the most convenient services the library offers.  (And I don’t have to be in the library to take advantage of it.)

Planet Aid in the Telegram

There was an interesting article in the Telegram yesterday about clothing drop-off bins.  I know that Worcester Magazine had had an article about Planet Aid’s drop off boxes a few years back, but I don’t think they keep archives on their website.  I do find these two statements — “Mr. Olsson, from Planet Aid, said the fast-growing, high-profit industry has become deceptive and cutthroat.” and “The vast majority of the revenue generated last year, about $16 million, financed programs in Third World countries. Only $100,000 stayed in this country.” — ironic, considering that many people find Planet Aid to be deceptive and that it does not spend at least 65% of its total expenses on program activity.

I’m not sure why Charity Navigator hasn’t yet evaluated them, but I am really disappointed that the Telegram took them at face value and didn’t ask them the tough questions.