Doug Chapel Leaving Worcester?

It seems like I always pick up the In City Times a week late, so I’m a bit late getting to this. 

Not only did Rose T. clarify that “very Italian” means to move into your mother’s house with your as-yet-unconfirmed-except-by-some-random-ICT-reader girlfriend, but Cheez Wiz now seems to have some sort of regular column-ish assortment of random thoughts.  I think I speak for every reader of ICT when I say — more Cheez Wiz please!  His ramblings combined with a four-page-spread of Dorrie Maynard’s new store (Blackstone Vignettes) pretty much encompass everything the In City Times is about.

But the biggest news was in the cartoon.  The latest Action Geek cartoon is not (yet) posted on the web, but it sounded like Doug Chapel was considering leaving Worcester.  (Exact quote: “Worcester…I’m putting you on notice.  I’m getting out.  It won’t be immediately but the plan has been set into motion to escape.”

So, not to harp on the Worcester “One in Five” thing, but where is Kate Toomey?  If there’s one thing Worcester needs, it’s creative people who are willing to put some halfway decent content into the In City Times so I don’t feel completely embarrassed when I pick it up from the library.  These are the people who spice up the city so the rest of us homebodies don’t have to.

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