Coes Pond Meeting Tonight

via Gary Rosen; I will try to attend and take notes:

The Pond & Water Quality Committee of The Friends of Coes Pond has been meeting regularly. And now, through the efforts of dozens of capable, enthusiastic and visionary people, the rebirth of the Coes Pond Beach & Bathhouse soon will take place.

We are pleased that area residents, business owners, college professors, students and many others are excited about the Coes projects. Because of their work, we expect the beach and it’s long-abandoned bathhouse to be brought back to life within 1.5 years.

And the good news is that the blueprint for our work already lies in the 2005 Master Plan of Public Open Space Properties Surrounding Coes Pond. After 9 years on the shelf, we have decided to dust off that document and present it to the public for comments and input.

We invite and encourage you to attend this public presentation on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 24, at 6:00 PM at the IBEW Local 96 hall, 242 Mill St., Worcester. Thanks to Coes Pond neighbor, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, for its support of this project.

At this event, Assistant DPW Commissioner/Parks, Rob Antonelli will update everyone on the Master Plan for the beach. And several Coes Ponders will let you know what has been happening (PLENTY!) the past few months. Questions will be answered and support enlisted.

One thought on “Coes Pond Meeting Tonight

  1. audiophilegamer says:

    I’ve got to say I’m impressed with the plan thus far.

    Although I wish there was a bigger plot of land to work with on the Mill Street side, barring a sharknado or something to radically alter the landscape, this looks like an excellent use of the land.

    I wish I had known about this earlier, but I’m glad I caught it today. Hope to be there and back you up on note-taking!

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