Moose Hill Ski Area

Friendly reminder: there will be an Al Southwick book signing tomorrow, January 26, from 2-4pm at Annie’s Book Stop.

As some of you may know, Albert Southwick and his brother Tom ran a ski area called Moose Hill during the 1960s.

Southwick devotees may remember a column from a couple of years ago about this ski area (“It was uphill, then downhill”, Telegram and Gazette, 29 December 2011).

I’d been meaning to post about Moose Hill since the column was published, because the land was owned by Ben O’Janne, who was the uncle of one of my closest friends, Craig.  (Imagine my surprise when I started reading a Southwick column about someone I knew!)

Uncle Ben kept a folder of clippings and brochures about Moose Hill Ski Area.  We’ve posted those to the web:

The front and back of the original 1960 brochure.

The original letter offering season tickets (which were in the form of the moose pin pictured above).

The front and back of the 1961 brochure.

The front and back of the 1962 brochure.

The front and back of the 1963 brochure.

Various clippings about the ski area (1, 2, 3, 4) and a 1980 article about the Moose Hill dam.

An article about Moose Hill from the Country Courier in 1960.


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