District 5 Councilor Race

Despite what Rick Ruston says, I don’t think that “Anger and apathy simultaneously lost” on election day.  Well, at least not apathy.

Let’s take a look at the uncontested District 5 Councilor race.

According to the City’s final election results, 3,069 people voted for William Eddy, the incumbent.  Ninety-eight (98) people wrote in a candidate.  (Two of the 98 were from my household.)  And 2,502 left that part of the ballot blank.

According to the way the city tabulates votes, Eddy received 97% of the vote (3,069 votes out of 3,167 completed).  However, he really got 54% of the vote if you count those who left their ballots blank.  (3,069 votes out of 5,669 total ballots). 

Imagine what would have happened had we gotten a decent challenger in this race.  I certainly hope Councilor Eddy does.