Worcester Public Library Board Vacancy/ies

The city is currently seeking applicants for the library board to serve out the rest of Carolyn Noah’s term (expires in 2020).  More details here; applications due by this Friday (20th May).

Of note:

Jacob Sanders’s seat on the board is also vacant, but the city is not seeking applicants for his seat.

The vacancy incorrectly states that there is an opening for District 1.  There is an opening for a seat, and it can be filled by someone from any district.

There are currently no seats filled by a District 5 resident, and only one by a District 4 resident.

I urge residents to apply, especially those from D4 and D5.  I urge the City Council to continue to make the board more diverse and especially to give voice to those from D5.

(I will not be applying as I would need to step down from my position on the WPL Friends Board, and I would also like to serve out my term on the Hope Cemetery Commission.)