Homespun philosophy

Some graffiti spotted recently on the outside walls of the Mill Street building formerly known as Big D (and Price Chopper):

Further along the wall, the artist/author may have signed his/her work:


6 thoughts on “Homespun philosophy

  1. Kentley says:

    1) Excellent penmanship.
    2) Fine diction.
    3) Thought-provoking message.
    Author gets an A+ in Graffiti 101.
    The Professor

    • Nicole says:

      I’m still worried this is some pop song lyric that will show how hopelessly out of touch I am!

      • Kentley says:

        Judging from my limited exposure to pop wisdom, you might consider how lucky you are in your isolation. Take it from a pro.

        • Kentley says:

          …and recall that oysters, ugly as they are, on rare occasions, throw off pearls. That does not mean I will wear a necklace of oysters out of Hope.

  2. David says:

    Five years late, but where is this?

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