Preliminary Election Thoughts

Well, the preliminary election is over, and Linda Parham, Carmen Carmona, Ron O’Clair, and George Fox will not appear in the general election.

I’d like to thank them (and everyone else) for running for office.  It’s very easy to throw brickbats, and very hard to put yourself out there for public evaluation.

Now, on to the brickbats…

Councilor Gaffney came in fourth in the preliminary; more than 1,200 fewer votes than Mayor Petty (whom he will run against in the mayoral race).

While I agree with Gaffney that a campaign can go anywhere between the preliminary and general, his assertion that the mayoral race is a “one on one contest” assumes that Konnie Lukes, who came in second through sheer attitude and the shock and awe of hot pink and navy blue, will not run for mayor again.  (Or, for that matter, that Bill Coleman won’t run for mayor!)

Twitter prints via kwout

Worcester Mag reports that this will not affect Lukes’ decision to run for mayor.  (One imagines she’s deciding whether or not she’s in the mood for breaking a young man’s heart.  One rather hopes she is!)

No one should get cocky — it’s going to be a tight fight for one or two seats:

For those who care about bullet-voting (and it is a factor in elections), there were 4.2 votes cast per ballot in the preliminary.  That’s as high as we’ve seen since 2007, and (from the past couple of preliminaries), a preliminary tends to have less bullet-voting than a general.  Candidates will not be trying to be one of six choices, but one of three or four.  You might not like bullet voting, but it’s how at least half of your neighbors are voting, and manipulating it will be an important strategy in a couple of months.

There will be numerous candidate forums and debates for at-large candidates.  The first one [I am aware of] is sponsored by the Initiative for Engaged Citizenship, next Wednesday, September 16, at 6pm, at Family Health Center.  The topic will be Community Development and Neighborhood Revitalization.

Mike and I are going to try to attend all of the IEC and WRRB forums, and we encourage you to attend as well.  I will liveblog and summarize what I can, and we will also see if there can be a video component (pulling the most insightful parts of the forums).  Please join us, or let us know what you would find helpful this election season.

Prelim Mailers

Before the preliminary election, we received four mailers (well, five if you count the same Wally mailer addressed to my husband and me separately).

Khrystian King’s arrived in July; the others have arrived in the past week.

Yes, those are two mailers from Moe Bergman; one is specific to Ward 7. (I do think it a bit odd that an incumbent is making such an effort for a preliminary; I would have saved my campaign dollars for the general election.  I suppose we’ll see if it pays off!)

Now get out and vote!