Seats of power

At 10:30 this morning, Charlie Baker was meeting with the mayor of West Springfield at town hall.

An hour later, he was at Springfield City Hall to meet with the mayor of that city.

Come 1:15, he was in Worcester, meeting in a building that only reflects the image of our city hall, in a meeting led not by the mayor or the city manager, but by the head of the local chamber of commerce.

Some might find that odd.

But those would be folks who live in cities where the easternmost high school isn’t called “North High” and the westernmost high school named “South High.”

Worcester, as always, is the Uranus of the Commonwealth: off what should be a normal axis.

I suppose we should feel grateful that the mayor and city manager were invited to the meeting.

It’s unclear whether this means that we’ve dispensed with the pretense that either our elected officials or our city manager are running the city, or if Worcester is run by a Borg-like collective.

Which would make Ed Augustus Locutus.

3 thoughts on “Seats of power

  1. gayle says:

    Worcester Business groups are all regional in nature even if they do not have regional in their name like the chamber does. The city of Worcester provides the demographic s of population for funding but outlying cities gets the business and will prosper .
    The Worcester City Council are being played ,and are falling for it and the city will fail again and again.

  2. Steve says:

    Ironically, I think our former Lt. Gov. is more progressive than either the mayor or the city manager.

  3. Thanks for reminding us once again of the wieirdness of North/South HS names. (I like telling people I lived on the “west side” most of my life).

    I, for one, am glad that Charlie Baker made his earliest efforts to reach out to Worc and Springfield. It clearly shows his eagerness to get everyone on board and to work across the aisles. And once again emphasizes how different a Massachusetts Republican is from the stereotype.


    I couldn’t figure out the Trekkie references, but now all I want to do is tie Worcester’s political heads with famous Trekkie characters.

    Ed A=is more SPock
    Tim would be Kirk
    That means Petty has to be Bones

    and they’re aall fighting alien life forms (i.e. city hall homeless people) out by the Turtle Boy statue, defending themselves only with their cellphones..

    so I guess there is a logic to the the Trek reference

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