End Demand Worcester

I know many readers care about prostitution arrest rates in the city.

If you’ve been living under a hole (which is where I spend much of my time), you may have missed some publicity for a group called End Demand Worcester, which will have a rally this Wednesday at 5:30pm at the Main South CDC.

As this blog has pointed out numerous times, the arrest rates for men compared with women in prostitution-related arrests is appalling.

As I’ve said in years past, I remain skeptical of impounding cars and other “shaming” techniques for johns because (1) those can also negatively impact women and children and (2) very few men are actually convicted of these crimes — it usually turns into a case that’s continued without finding for a year or two and eventually dismissed.  The criminal justice system would have to radically change (and I’m not sure I’d want it to) to make these work.

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