What you miss when you don’t have a real search

One of the things the citizens of Worcester miss when there’s no search or background check is whether any of the applicants for a position has made a political donation to those who would be hiring him.

(I say “him” because in Worcester “city manager” is a masculine noun.)

For example, let’s say you’ve got someone who is in the running for city manager, and he wrote out a $200 check to Joe Petty and a $200 check to Rick Rushton within a month of being spontaneously appointed to his current position.

That is, perhaps, something that a real search firm would have looked for or asked about, and a real City Council doing its due diligence would have uncovered, and a Mayor and Councilor with any integrity should have disclosed without prompting.

That’s not to say there’s mutual backscratching going on here, but someone hasn’t done their homework.

You can take a gander for yourself on the OCPF website: Petty’s deposit report for 12/13/2013; Rushton’s deposit report of 11/1/2013

3 thoughts on “What you miss when you don’t have a real search

  1. Chris Robarge says:

    Can’t blame the search firm for this, after all, Mr. Augustus was adamant that he wasn’t a candidate for the job…Why would they have vetted him?

    It sure would be nice if in our latest improvisational jazz version of the “process”, we could have at least noted this; but I’m sure I’m about to be told that there’s some reason, like the “white privilege” I’ve already been tagged with, why I shouldn’t be asking what cash exchanges happen between three well-off white men.

  2. […] position at Holy Cross and hadn’t lived in Worcester for years.  But, hey, he’d donated to the campaigns of the two people who were putting him forward to the City Counc…, so that should count for something, right?  If you hadn’t lived in the city very long, […]

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