I went to the City Council and all I got was this lousy resume

Tonight’s City Council meeting was epic.

When you watch these meetings from home, you miss out on so much of the flavor of a City Council meeting.  You have Jo Hart sitting cheek by jowl with some of the most powerful folks in the city; power brokers schmoozing in the hall; folks who just wanted to talk about one item and don’t really want to stick around for 2+ hours…and you just hope that somewhere in the upstairs gallery Mike Benedetti is present, listening to a five-minute-long rant where Gary Rosen yells at himself.

Tonight’s meeting had everything:

  • A Who’s Who of Worcester.  John Brissette, Barbara Haller, Mesfin Beshir, Q, Paul Giorgio, Bill Coleman, Sue Mailman, and Carl Gentile, who sat next to me in the front row
  • Rick Rushton talking about cleaning up spilled milk
  • Kate Toomey comparing Ed Augustus to a sausage
  • Phil Palmieri, making sense
  • Konnie Lukes, kicking butt and taking names
  • The police officer, who shut up everyone in the hallway so that Konnie could do the aforementioned kicking of butts
  • Tony Economou’s beard (!!!)
  • Gary Rosen, being Gary Rosen
  • The gentleman with the suitcase who periodically comes to City Council meetings to let everyone know that Gary Gemme has poisoned him hundreds of times
  • Jo Hart
  • Another gentleman who endorses a “No” vote in the Scottish referendum
  • A baby asleep in the upstairs gallery
  • A hurling team
  • Scott Ricker

Also, this:

When the Council took a recess, Ed Augustus handed me his resume. (There’s a link to it at the bottom of this page; if you prefer a so-so flat file, you can get it here.)

It was that kind of a night.

Anyway, it’s a bit unclear to me whether Ed Augustus giving me a resume means he’s applied to be city manager or my blog intern.   Either way, the resume has no address or phone number, so I can’t get a hold of him!

The upshot of the meeting is that the City Council is going to meet again on Thursday at 5:30pm to authorize the mayor to negotiate a contact extension with Ed Augustus.

At least, that’s what I think is going to happen, but your guess is as good as mine.  It took Konnie Lukes five minutes just to pry that out of Joe Petty.  He seemed unsure about what he was asking for, didn’t know whether it was going to require an executive session, and wasn’t following the rules of the Council in any event.  It’s unclear how long the contract extension would be for.

I’ll write a more serious summary later (probably tomorrow night) but this was, on the whole, a great night for Twitter coverage, especially from Chris Robarge, Lindsay Corcoran, Mike Benedetti, and the Master Tweeter, Steve Foskett.

BREAKING: City Council to do what they wanted to eight months ago

In a move that should surprise no one, the mayor is going to ask the City Council to extend Ed Augustus’s contract.

Konnie Lukes will, of course, hold this [$], because, while announcing agenda items via Jordan Levy and Facebook is certainly cutting-edge, it doesn’t pass the Open Meeting Law smell test.

Of course, the citizens of Worcester have just one question on their collective mind —

What’s his favorite song?