Throws Like A Girl

I wanted to expand on two items from my previous post.

One is that we are being presented with a two different options:

1) Vote on one of the three finalists for city manager

2) Dump the three finalists for city manager and keep Ed Augustus for a longer term, or for life, or until we have a strong mayor

There is, of course, a third option.  It’s one that was available to us when Mike O’Brien resigned, and it’s still available.

We have an assistant city manager. Her name is Kathy Johnson. If we’re unhappy with our choices and need to re-do the search, she can be appointed as interim city manager. If Ed Augustus has to leave, she can be appointed as interim city manager.

If you recall, the reason Ed Augustus needed to be hired as city manager — not interim city manager — is that the city’s charter only allows current city employees to be appointed as an interim city manager.

We had someone who was eminently qualified to run things until a suitable candidate was found.

But rather than temporarily hand her the reins, the City Council chose to find someone from the outside and hire him to a short term.
Yes, at the very beginning, there was a woman who has run the city in the past, and may yet need to run it in the future, and she wasn’t even considered. There were no city manager finalists who were women, either. Perhaps there was a lack of qualified female candidates. But why would a woman want to apply for a job when it’s obvious the Council looked elsewhere when there was a woman who could do the job standing right in front of them?

There was also a comment on FB that I may have impugned Mr. Augustus’ integrity.

On the contrary, I seem to be one of the few people in the city who believed him when he said he would not be a candidate for a permanent city manager position.

Those who are close to him, and myriad “community leaders” seem to be the ones implying that Mr. Augustus is a man who would go back on his word.

One thought on “Throws Like A Girl

  1. […] any of the candidates have a chance?  When I looked at it at the time (1, 2), it didn’t appear so.  There was no “enthusiasm for any of the candidates” […]

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