In the words of Mike Germain – Please Vote

I’m not a Democrat, and I don’t change my party designation to vote in primaries, so I won’t be voting today.

But you should totally vote if you’re a registered Democrat, Republican, or unenrolled!

I attended the D17 state rep debate and I was not wowed by any candidate. Mike Germain was charming as always, but he’s about as hungry for this state rep seat as he was for City Councilor, a position in which he missed far too many meetings. Doug Belanger was polished — some might say too polished — but obviously knowledgable and passionate. Moses Dixon was well-spoken and experienced — but not my ideal candidate. (I have yet to meet my ideal candidate.)

I don’t have an opinion on races outside my district, but both my husband (who has never lived on the that side of the city) and my aunt (who lives in Maine and has never lived in Worcester) received emails from Josh Perro. If $100,000 buys you lists of people who aren’t able to vote for you, you’re doing it wrong.

If you’re anti-casino, many candidates for governor have said that they would overturn the people’s wishes if a majority of voters voted yes on Question 3. Please keep that in mind if it’s an issue that’s important to you.

And — come what may — one thing is guaranteed at the end of today’s primaries.

Phil Palmieri will still represent one part of this city.


3 thoughts on “In the words of Mike Germain – Please Vote

  1. Joe says:

    I also got an email from Josh Perro, even though I am not eligible to vote for him. I told him in far more colorful language that he was “doing it wrong”, and as a result, even if I could have voted for him, I would not as a result of his email.

    If Phil wins, does he get to be a state Rep and City Councilor at the same time? Or does Jennithan Cortes, who ran against him, get the seat?
    He does appear to have more signs than Mary Keefe, but I would be embarrassed to have him representing me at the statehouse.

  2. Joe says:

    On the plus side, Phil will not be my state rep.
    On the minus side, he’s still my city councillor.

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