Coes Pond Updates

Here’s the latest update from Gary Rosen on Coes Pond initiatives; the “I” in the following is Gary:

Sue Swanson and I want to bring you up to date on the Coes Pond area initiatives and what we all can and must do to energize and accelerate everyone’s efforts.

1) Please join us on Friday, August 1 when Ed McKeon and others will lead us on an interesting, informative and eye-opening walk around Coes Pond. Folks will meet at the new park’s parking lot (the former Coes Knife property) at 5:00 PM. The walk will be about 1 mile around and, of course, a mile back. Because the owner of the former Big D/Price Chopper property has been towing cars at $140/tow, DO NOT ever park there.

2) We have decided that the best way to make the most progress on the various Coes area initiatives, is to form three main committees, each of which will be charged with its own set of responsibilities. Of course, there will be some overlap among committees.

Please review the brief descriptions of the committees and choose which one(s) you’d like to serve on. Then let Sue and I know what committee(s) you are interested in serving on.

We’ll assign temporary chairs to each committee (later they’ll choose their own). The initial meeting date, time and location of each committee will be determined by those chairs. The three committees will function independently of each other. We’ll hold a large joint meeting in the fall at which committee chairs and members will report on their goals and progress.

At the moment, the three “P” committees will be:

Park Committee – This committee will discuss, plan and advise on the construction of Coes Reservoir’s Inclusive Park and Playground (at the former Coes Knife property)

Pond Committee – This committee will deal with the Mill St. Beach (including parking, bathhouse, dredging, signage, swimming, kayaking, etc.) and all water quality issues associated with Coes and neighboring water bodies, dam. etc.

Publicity and PR – This committee will deal with all publicity, public relations, education, fundraising, politicking and lobbying at the local, state and federal levels. One of its goals will be to bring this beach back to its former glory for the summer of 2015.

The City Manager and I met at the Mill St. Beach two weeks ago and the lifeguards on duty told us how much positive difference it made to the beach goers after the Parks Dept. had cut quite a bit of brush and growth away from the water line where folks enter the water.

So much needs to be done but, working together, we can do it. With our successful efforts, this beach and bathhouse once again will be a wonderful place for families to go next year.

Please let us know whether you plan to attend the August 1 walk and/or join a committee. And please forward this email to others who might be interested.


Sue Swanson’s email:
Gary Rosen’s email:


2 thoughts on “Coes Pond Updates

  1. audiophilegamer says:

    Hey there — long-time reader, first-time commenter!

    I was there for the walk, and I have to say that the trail we walked was in better shape than I expected it to be. I’ve frequently passed by the area on the bus for years and never even realized a trail was there at all, let alone that remarkably walkable one. You give that trail a little TLC and I guarantee you it will shine. Susan was talking about getting Fairlawn and HealthSouth involved and setting up a “wellness trail”, and I think that would be a fantastic idea.

    Also, Mike Gaffney was there (who incidentally made me feel remarkably short by comparison) and made a very good suggestion that engaging people in the area in terms of signage rather than the current imposing “WARNING: THE CITY OF WORCESTER WILL IMPOSE A $200 FINE FOR DOING ANYTHING IN THIS BIG PARAGRAPH” signs might be helpful. In addition, I hope that engaging the people at the three apartment complexes in the area (Washington Heights and Coes Pond Village along the bus route and Lakeside right there at the trail) and getting them on board in terms of accepting and cultivating Coes Pond will be done since I think that’ll do a lot for the long-term success of the efforts at Coes Pond.

    Unfortunately, I can’t do much right now to help other than talk on the internet about what I’ve seen. But I can boost the signal and say without hyperbole that if you do take the opportunity to help, you will be helping not just the people at Coes Pond, but the entire city.

  2. stewart says:

    did you see the green drinking water sampling station on Mill St near Coes Pond beach? This new tap on the water main allows DPW to collect water samples..

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