For those keeping track of prostitution stings in Worcester (and I hope it’s not just me), the WPD has reported another sting since I wrote about this last week.

Fourteen people were arrested.  Ten of them were women.

So, for 2014, 78% of those arrested in prostitution stings have been women.

I’m not sure how that is equitable, and I’m not sure how targeting women to the extreme ultimately helps “eradicate the prostitution problem from this area of the city.”

Here’s how we’re looking this year:

March 20, 2014: 0 men, 5 women

May 21, 2014: 2 men, 6 women

June 5, 2014: 4 men, 10 women

And let’s keep in mind that “The Massachusetts Equal Rights Amendment (art. 106 of the Articles of Amendment to the Massachusetts Constitution) requires that a common nightwalking charge against a female defendant be dismissed with prejudice upon an appropriate showing that the particular police department or prosecutor’s office consistently prosecutes female nightwalkers but not their male customers.”

I’m not saying that’s what’s happening here, and I’m not a lawyer, but if you are charged with being a common nightwalker or streetwalker, you should speak to your lawyer if you don’t see your clients being charged with the associated crime.

And perhaps we can work our way down from women being charged with over three quarters of prostitution-related offenses.