Worcester Film Works Needs Your Help!

One of my absolute favorite things to do in the summer is Worcester Film Works‘ Movies on the Common.

In case you’ve never been, here’s what it’s like:

  • Arrive at the Common with children in tow.  They find other children to play ball with, or else play Frisbee to their hearts’ content and draw on the sidewalk with chalk when they need a break.
  • Ask yourself how the guys are consistently able to recruit such awesome bands whilst munching on popcorn (free with your Woo Card!) and drinking an ice cold Orange Dry that the children will swipe in another minute.
  • Wonder if it’s appropriate to sit on the WWII memorial.  Never arrive at a satisfactory answer.
  • Another great band; another Orange Dry that the kids will steal after they finish their ice cream.
  • See absolutely everyone you know in Worcester.
  • Watch a great movie.

It is so much fun and this is exactly what we need more of downtown.

WFW currently has a survey up to help narrow down the movies they’ll show this summer.  If you haven’t already, please take a minute to vote for your choices.  As long as your choices don’t include Dirty Dancing.

As we all know, these sorts of events don’t happen without a lot of hard work.

Here’s where the WFW crew could use some help:

  • publicity
  • finding bands to play before the movie
  • recruiting food/ice cream vendors
  • set up/break down
  • anything else you can think of!

Email Eric if you can help!

CWW: Friends of Worcester Public Library book sale

On Friday, May 16, and Saturday, May 17, from 10am-4pm in the Saxe Room at the main branch of Worcester Public Library, the Friends of WPL will hold our Spring book sale.

Just as George Russell is your city councilor (no matter where you live), the Friends of Worcester Public Library are your friends whether or not you live in Worcester.

When you pay (incredibly low) yearly dues to the Friends, or make book donations, or purchase from the Food for Thought Cafe and Bookstore, or buy bags full of books at our book sales, you support the Friends’ many programs, including museum passes and the Give and Take bookcase at Union Station.

So come on down and buy a lot of books.  If you come on Saturday between 2-4pm, I’ll be working the sale and will talk to you about anything you want (as long as “anything you want” involves street signs or the finer plot points of Knots Landing.)


The Huguenot Line

Huguenot Line

Apologies to the Maginot Line — Charlton & Oxford aren’t at war.  Oxford was settled very early on by Huguenots — French Protestants.  There are still remains of a Huguenot fort in Oxford.  And like the surname of André Maginot, the Huguenot settlers wouldn’t have pronounced the final “t” in their name — not that you’d know that to hear modern New Englanders pronounce “Huguenot” like “astronaut”.