Who’s Watchin’ Woo’s Wild West?

On a recent walk-through of God’s Acre & Swan Avenue in preparation for the upcoming Earth Day Cleanups, we discovered that God’s Acre has a new resident:

Bubba Waits

Meet Bubba J; we’re not sure if he’s been placed here as a guardian angel, or a new mascot for the area, but the choice is so many shades of apt that I scarcely know where to begin.

Worcester’s Wild West, if you’ve never been, is an area west of Mill Street, south of Tatnuck Sq. and north of Main Street.  It’s a hilly region that’s home to many of Worcester’s bumpy, unpaved “private streets”.  The few paved byways are a slalum course of potholes occasionally filled by an ad hoc self-appointed neighborhood posse.  If there were a few more pickup trucks on the lawns, you might be forgiven for thinking you’d woken up in Appalachia.

So now we have Bubba J.  Littering in the God’s Acre area has been light this winter, so perhaps we have Bubba to thank for keeping out the trash.

Bubba Watches

My children were along for the Earth Day assessment hike, and saw Bubba.  They were afraid of him.  But I take great comfort in this little fellow minding the hills & hollers of Woo’s Wild West.  He might even protect us from the evils of fluoride, homeless shelters, smart meters or indoor plumbing . . . and anything else that might make the villagers in Woo’s Wild West ornery.


One thought on “Who’s Watchin’ Woo’s Wild West?

  1. elmparkblogger says:

    Bubba J: False God? Or does he just represent the Everyman seeking truth? There is so much we can still learn in the vast nether regions of Worcester’s hillybilly district

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