Dog Park Hearing – this Wednesday

The City Council’s Youth, Parks and Recreation Standing Committee will meet to discuss the proposed DOG PARK at Green Hill Park this Wednesday, February 26 at 5:30pm in the Esther Howland (South) Chamber at City Hall.

You can find more details about the proposal here.  The proposal to have two enclosed areas –one for smaller dogs and one for larger dogs — was one of the last proposals from DPW&P Commissioner Moylan before he retired.

I’d like to see safe places for dogs to walk and play in the city.  Right now, there is no park in the city where dogs are allowed, even on-leash, even on the Common.  Dogs cannot technically be walked downtown (unless they live in the immediate vicinity).

But if you’ve lived in the city more than a few minutes, you know that many folks bring dogs to parks (sometimes even off-leash); that an area owned by the city has become an unofficial dog park; but that those who are trying to follow the law have limited options about where they can safely (and legally) have their dogs exercise and play.

As we’ve often seen in the city, it’s easy to take the initial step to ban something, and much harder to enforce the ban.  In the case of dogs in parks, there has been little ability to enforce it, and nowhere to direct people to take their dogs within the city.

Other communities (within the Commonwealth and around the country) have successfully implemented dog parks.  We should learn from their experiences and create from them a plan that will work for Worcester.

If you’d like the city to continue (well, begin) a conversation about dog parks, you need to:

We have created a Facebook event for this.  If you are on Facebook, please join the event & invite your friends.

You can also join the Facebook group for Friends of Worcester Dog Park or follow on Twitter for more updates.