16 days and counting

Update: a few hours after this post went up, our street and the surrounding streets had their recycling picked up.  Unfortunately, the folks who follow the rules & brought their recycling in the previous night would not have had their stuff picked up. 


If anyone’s curious to see what two weeks of ignored recycling looks like, here’s a sample:


Recycling wasn’t picked up on Wildwood Avenue and surrounding areas on Thursday the 13th; there was some snow that afternoon, so the oversight might be forgiven.  The next scheduled pickup for that area was yesterday, the 21st.

Wildwood Avenue and environs was ignored once again yesterday — not sure if Casella’s experiencing a backlog, but we had no notice that it wouldn’t be picked up.

What will three weeks’ worth of recycling look like this coming Thursday?  Stay tuned to this blog to find out!