The giving and the taking

Thanks to a donor from Natick, the “Give and Take” bookcases at Union Station are full this week:

G and T bookcases

As some of you may recall, the Friends of the Worcester Public Library started this service for commuters two years ago, providing books that they could borrow or keep, so that their train commute might be spent reading.

Lately there’s been much more taking than giving.  Ideally, we’d love to keep these bookcases full all the time with an interesting selection of books, but when fewer people are returning or donating books, the shelves start to look a bit bare.  The volunteers of the Friends of WPL send a few boxes over every week, but sometimes it’s hard to keep those shelves full.

If you have any unwanted books, please consider dropping them off at the Give and Take bookcases on the 2nd floor of Union Station.  (And you can read this post for more ideas for how to help.)