Placating the plebes

I didn’t attend last night’s City Council meeting — and I haven’t even watched the video — but I was pleased to read in this morning’s Telegram [$] that “Mayor Joseph M. Petty is working with District 2 Councilor Philip P. Palmieri, chairman of the City Council Municipal Operations Committee, on scheduling a series of public hearings throughout the city to solicit input from the public on what they would like to see in the next city manager.”

The City Council has known for two months that there was a vacancy in the position of city manager.

They decided to hire a political insider with no experience in managing a municipality for a term of nine months without any public input — indeed, without that individual’s name on the agenda when it was first mentioned.

Now, as if in an epiphany, they’ve decided they require public input in hiring a city manager.

Perhaps they heard the complaints that the first round of manager “search” wasn’t transparent.

But holding a bunch of public meetings — held by the chairman of a committee who says he prefers local talent — does not a process make.  There’s still no schedule, no executive search firm, no plan.

Are we looking for a rubber stamp or are we dragging our heels (while looking busy) for as long as possible so that we can beg someone to stay at the end of his nine-month term?  Or all of the above?


2 thoughts on “Placating the plebes

  1. Deidra Simonian says:

    brrrr,,,,and I aint talkin’ ’bout the recent weather in these parts!

    Once you see that there one identifiable link to all that is happening in City Hall, it will become much clearer and much scarier.

    Someone I know got into a ton of s— a few months ago because she found out that Ed A wasn’t even living in Worcester then. And then lo and behold the former Southie resident announced he’d get a Worcester apartment. (remember that one, folks?)

    I don’t know if he is going to be as proactive or as professional as his predecessor, but I would imagine that with all the new top people in Worcester this month it will very easy and very convenient for Augustus critics to blame the chaos on anyone— but Ed.
    Very convenient and more finger pointing to obscure the facts rather than show leadership.

    I question the one party state we live in and the lack of real debate on many, many issues that confront us at the local and state level. Just trying to question a lot of votes that take place in the statehouse label you as far right or worse. Our way of thinking–call it conservative Dem– is hardly right of center in national politics.

    I had to agree with the Telegram opinion piece about 20 days ago on deLeo that said:

    In spite of what the numbers show, it is not quite true that the Massachusetts Legislature is a Democrats-only club where all members move in lockstep. It’s more like a club where Republicans are treated like black sheep, and Democrats who get out of line are quickly advised of the error of their ways.

    In my own experience the hard core leadership in Worcester is lockstep Dem and barely can tolerate outside opinion.

    But in all seriousness it has become clear to me in the last 20 years that the special interest groups, namely the municipal unions, at all levels at the driving force here. And that’s why Ed Augustus can’t be city manager; he lacks the will to stand up for what the city needs most: fiscal management!

    All the talk about the parties talking to each other ‘across the aisle’ is BS and will never happen.

    The June Street Windbag –Stephen Quist– –when it comes down to it–just another retiree. As a police officer, he is used to shouting down and control. [It pains me to think what it must be like to live under the roof with this person!]

    Q is all over the place. I almost hate to see you put his name in the Telegram because it gives him more credibility. Q is basically a one issue guy (because, come on, who really gives a flying about that Tatnuck Grid tower? I mean, really). Oh, I forgot, Q is relentless support of PILOT too because he agrees with most Worcesterites that the colleges are elitist and taxworthy. He has made WCRN unlistenable for me.

    The scary part of the Augustus appointment is that there will be hardly any dissent to except from Lukes or Gaffney. The rest of them are so afraid of dissent. What it will mean for all city property owners is higher taxes and feeding the wallets for the municipal union workers, the ultimate beneficiaries. They don’t care because the Augustus appointment is for a small group of very vocal and very well organized beneficiaries, not for the majority.

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