Unexpected Murals and Masterpieces

I already tweeted this, but for the Twitter-averse, I wanted you to be aware of some new blogs I added to the blogroll.

A gentleman named Paul created a wonderful blog called Gargoyles & Grotesques, which I’ve adored for some time, and he has another blog specifically devoted to street art — Unexpected Murals & Masterpieces.

I love the back of the Do Not Enter sign on Winfield Street, and I especially am grateful that he grabbed a picture of the beatnik on Irving Street, which I’d been unable to get a good picture of before it was taken down.

Keep up the good work!

3 thoughts on “Unexpected Murals and Masterpieces

  1. stevebpower@juno.com says:

    Sometimes liberty requires disobedience to the law, e.g., Thoreau, King, Gandhi,Jesus, Sam Adams, etc.

    • Nicole says:

      “Obedience to law is liberty” is the motto on the old Worcester courthouse. I acquired an essay about that motto during a recent book sale at the Worcester Historical Museum and have been meaning to scan and post that. (You can also find a copy of that essay — “Obedience to law is liberty”: the inscriptions upon the Worcester Court House by Arthur P. Rugg — at the Worcester Public Library.)

      That inscription used to bother me quite a bit, and I think it’s bothered quite a few Worcester residents.

      I don’t know that I agree with it from a man-made laws perspective.

      However, I totally agree with it from a religious perspective. That is, obeying God’s laws and aligning your will to the will of God will ultimately make you free.

  2. paul fenner says:

    Very cool to read your thoughts

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