CWW: Story Land discount Friday only

I featured this last year — and it’s back again this year!

If you’re the parent of pre-teen children (or know someone who is), there’s a one-day-only discount today on tickets for the 2013 season at Story Land in Glen, New Hampshire.  If you’re unfamiliar with Story Land, it’s a wonderful theme park near the White Mountains which has as its focus the many children’s stories with which most of us grew up.  There are gentle rides for toddlers and more exciting attractions for the older kids (and those of us who haven’t been kids for years).  There’s something for everyone, and all of the rides are included in the price of admission.  You can easily spend an entire day at Story Land and not get to see/experience everything.  If you went there as a child and haven’t been there since, you should also know that it’s many times larger now, and gets a new attraction or two every year!

The details are as follows:

Go to click on tickets and season passes and enter the promo code in the promo box to get the deal.  This is for Black Friday only, beginning at midnight, and will likely sell out within hours.

2014 Season Passes (VERY LIMITED QUANTITY) for $35.00 per person, ages 1 & 2 are free. NO promo code needed. Limit of 5 per transaction.

2014 Day Passes (LIMITED QUANTITY) for $19.99 per person, ages 1 & 2 are free. Promo Code: dinoroar14. Limit of 10 per transaction.

One thought on “CWW: Story Land discount Friday only

  1. Ed Moynihan says:

    Nicole, cannot agree with you more about Storyland. North Conway our vacation spot every year from 1997 until 2007. We went to Storyland until our children outgrew it. It was clean, affordable and fun. We have many great pictures and memories from those times. It is a great jewel of New England.

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