Please vote

I can rarely think of a city election I have been less enthusiastic about.

In most years, Mike’s analysis of lawn signs is a highlight of the political season; this year, it’s the only highlight.

We live in a city where lack of a web presence is par for the course for many politicians, and where many incumbents’ list of accomplishments reads like a combination of the city manager’s self-evaluation and the average day of a DPW customer service rep.

You can vote for up to six at-large City Council candidates, and up to six School Committee candidates.  You can vote for one mayoral candidate and one district council candidate.

You can leave as many spots on your ballot blank as you wish; you can vote for one candidate or no candidates.

The way our city charter was written, write-in votes are not allowed, so, sadly, “Screw it, I’m voting for Nicole Apostola” is not an option for anyone.

If you don’t know where to vote, you can find out on the city website. 

And after you’ve voted, please consider completing this short survey about Worcester elections. [Note that you do not need to complete any questions on the survey, especially about address, if you don’t wish to].

I’m not much given to endorsements on this blog.  If you read this blog, chances are you live in Worcester, you’re a voter, and you’re probably better-informed than I am.

Which means you’re voting for Tracy O’Connell Novick, who is thoughtful, hardworking, and a great advocate for students and teachers.

After the break in this post is every piece of political ephemera I’ve been able to get my hands on or cajole someone into scanning for me.  Enjoy!

Mike Germain, first mailing: germain2013a germain2013b

Mike Germain, second mailing, targeted to Webster Square; note that State Rep Binienda appears unable to decide who stood beside him to stop the “PIP Shelter” from coming to Webster Square, as he previously let us know it was Bill Eddy:


Bill Eddy, second mailing; note that this is a targeted mailing for the Webster Square area, and that there was a different one for Tatnuck area residents:


Gary Rosen, who inexplicably doesn’t use his identifiable red-for-Rosen logo:
rosen2013a rosen2013b

Moe Bergman, first mailing:
bergman2013a bergman2013b

Moe Bergman, second mailing:


Rick Rushton:


And in case you’d like to compare his 2013 mailing to previous ones, here are the mailings from 2011 and 2009:


(And if you’re interested in political mailings from 2011, I posted some of what I received in the mail that year.)

Michael Gaffney:
gaffney2013b gaffney2013a

Rob Cohane:


Donna Colorio:


Joe Petty:


Kate Toomey:


Konnie Lukes:

Lukes_front Lukes_back

Mesfin Beshir handout:


One thought on “Please vote

  1. Jessica Hawkins says:

    I am impressed by any candidates who takes the time and knock on

    No matter what you are running for, the voters at home will teach you things and give you POVs that differ from one’s expectations.

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