Fiddling while Rome burns

Last night, the City Council discussed the crime rate at the Midtown Mall (in the WoMag liveblog, search for “8.10”; Telegram [$] article).

According to the WPD, there were 87 total police related calls in 2012.  In 2013 through September 25, there were 49 calls.  For those of us who can do math, that seems as if the Midtown is tracking towards 66 police calls this year, which means things are getting better, right?

I’m not going to defend Dean Marcus, though I wish we’d hear from some of his tenants and their customers to get a fuller picture of the building.

But we’ve got a situation where the Central Building is scheduled to be demolished in four months.

If we need the city administration to strongarm anyone, or talk about eminent domain, or solicit developers who are just dying to redevelop a building, perhaps we should focus on the Central Building, which will otherwise turn into another parking lot right on Main Street.

Also, talking about the police calls to the Midtown Mall without comparing to the police calls at other downtown buildings doesn’t tell us anything valuable.

In fact, there’s a building right across from the Midtown Mall that gets numerous police calls, where there have been assaults and shootings right outside the building, and whose bathrooms are rumored to be places of ill repute.

It’s called City Hall.

This item will be referred to the Public Safety committee; I’ll let folks know when it’s going to come up.

2 thoughts on “Fiddling while Rome burns

  1. Totally agree Nicole. They city has an agenda for the Midtown Mall and this is just PR spin to justify their agenda. Why not save the Central Building while we can rather than focus on a building that isn’t going anywhere.

  2. gayle says:

    I agree that city has an agenda for the midtown Mall (but also not defending the mall because I haven’t even gone down there) but I would like to get people to focus on how the city gets whatever data they want when it defends their position ,hoping that people get tired of questioning their position so that they can do whatever they want without the public getting involved.

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