Food Truck Hearing – tomorrow, 5pm

Whether you do or don’t want to see an expanded food truck scene in Worcester, it is very important that you show up at tomorrow’s (Wednesday) meeting of the City Council Economic Development subcommittee.  The meeting begins at 5pm in the Esther Howland Chamber (the one on the left).

If you cannot attend, you can send your comments to the City Council as a whole or the members of the subcommittee specifically (Rushton, O’Brien, and Russell).  You can find contact information for all Councilors in this document.

Worcester: city that “gets it”

There’s a column about Worcester’s downtown by Paul McMorrow in today’s Globe that’s partly a rebuttal to the story from last week.

I’m not sure I agree with the column more than I did the article, but you should read it and comment away:

Plenty of work remains. Well over 1.5 million square feet of buildings remain on the drawing boards. The city needs every one of them to create a downtown that hums with life. Worcester’s failed mall showed that cities can’t wish vibrant downtowns into existence. People need real reasons for coming, and staying, downtown. That’s why the residential component of Worcester’s CitySquare plan looms large — and why it shows the city understands the importance of incremental change.